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The Healing Process

Updated: Jan 19

The truth is, we all hide our emotions occasionally. We pretend, avoid, and deny uncomfortable emotions. Especially Me ! Begin anytime - Whatever feels Good in that moment, do it. Avoid forcing yourself into a downward spiral of self-criticism in order to push yourself through whatever it maybe you are experiencing at this current time.

Some things that may help you through your healing procees ....

  1. Self Value

  2. Take care of your body

  3. Exercise

  4. Surround yourself with good people

  5. Ask for help

  6. Quiet your mind

  7. Get enough sleep

  8. Set goals

  9. Journalling

  10. Forgive

Recognizie your feelings , observe and connect to them, as they come and go throughout the day. Be kind to yourself as you go through more difficult emotions.

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